Market Analytics - OASISLive

Get the Edge on Market Intelligence through CAISO OASIS Data

CAISO’s Open Access Same-Time Information System (OASIS) offers a wealth of market data on system load requirements, market information, transmission availability, and system conditions, but can be cumbersome and challenging to navigate. Power Market Consulting, Inc. has developed a new online tool – OASISLive – that enables market participants to access OASIS with improved performance and usability.

OASISLive models enable market participants to:

  • Quickly and easily access real-time market data
  • Unlock valuable insights from OASIS data
  • Capture and analyze Location Marginal Prices (LMPs), transmission usage, market demand, and more
  • Monitor market parameters to gain market intelligence and build proprietary models of market behavior

OASISLive technology offers:

  • Market Dashboard for decision-makers
  • Readily available OASIS data for the whole enterprise
  • An easy-to-use tool combined with powerful analytics and modeling capabilities
  • Flexible and open platform to perform any ad hoc or proprietary analysis
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that is accessible via any Internet-enabled computer
  • Fixed monthly fee via subscription-based service