CAISO Market & Regulatory Support

Understand the Market and Regulatory Complexities, Develop Sound Strategies, Manage Risks, and Navigate through the Uncertainties

Market rules are continuously evolving, and the regulatory environment is uncertain – market participants need clarity and insight to conduct wholesale energy transactions with California Independent System Operators (CAISO). Power Market Consulting, Inc. untangles historical and current market rules – including the new changes underway with CAISO’s MRTU – to help your power generation facility compete effectively and efficiently.

Our CAISO Market & Regulatory Support Services combine industry expertise and market rules with advanced technology solutions to deliver the insight you need to succeed.

Power Market Consulting, Inc. offers a full portfolio of market and regulatory support services, including:

In-depth insight on:

  • CAISO Market Redesign & Technology Upgrade (MRTU)
  • Current and historical market rules for CAISO and CalPX
  • CAISO market operations and energy transactions data
  • Proposed CAISO tariff filings and business changes

Strategic response to:

  • CAISO Market Redesign & Technology Upgrade (MRTU)
  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) filings
  • Congestion revenue rights allocations and auctions
  • California Greenhouse Gas Emissions policy development
  • Power contract development

Ligitation support services, including:

  • Discovery process and documentation
  • Expert analysis of disputed energy transactions

Leveraging software solutions for:

  • Complex economic and financial analysis of power contracts
  • Statistics and econometric analysis
  • Business modeling
  • Managing LMP forecast data for congestion cost and transmission losses
  • Developing CRR allocation and auction strategies
  • Managing and analyzing pre-MRTU and MRTU transactions data