Energy Transaction Processes & Systems

Improve Productivity and Transaction Value with Realigned Business Processes

California’s ever-changing power market conditions require nimble business operations and streamlined processes. At Power Market Consulting, Inc., we constantly monitor market changes and evaluate how they will impact your business. Our Energy Transaction Processes & Systems Solutions enable you to translate that knowledge into effective business processes that boost productivity and deliver more value from your energy transactions.

Our consultants work with your company to redesign and streamline your regulatory, scheduling, and settlement processes; implement effective and efficient business and technology solutions; and deliver the support services you need to align your business with demands of today’s energy markets.

Power Market Consulting, Inc. offers a full portfolio of services to evaluate and streamline your energy transaction and business processes, including:

Analysis and Design to:

  • Review and realign regulatory, scheduling, and settlement processes
  • Streamline front- and back-office business processes
  • Maximize trading and scheduling options
  • Select the appropriate energy transaction system
  • Minimize financial penalties and regulatory risks

Business Technology Expertise on:

  • Shadow settlements for CAISO market to validate the charges and payments
  • Settlement estimates using OASIS and market participant’s data
  • Integrating power transaction systems with legacy systems
  • Developing customized systems

Settlement Software Solution:

Power Market Consulting, Inc.’s Rozetta is a powerful settlement application designed to estimate and validate MRTU settlements. It was designed specifically for small to mid sized MRTU market participants who do not have enterprise-scale energy transaction management system.

Learn more about this powerful settlement software solution.