Congestion Revenue Rights Decision Support System

Estimating Congestion Cost and Losses – Strategies for Optimal CRR Nominations

Calculating the cost of power delivery is a complex process that requires forecasting timeseries of locational marginal prices at thousands of nodes – market participants need powerful tools to deliver accurate information. Power Market Consulting, Inc.’s Congestion Revenue Rights Decision Support System (CRR-DSS) evaluates more than 80 million data points and multiple sets of electric power price forecasts to help clients estimate future energy delivery costs from power purchase/sales agreements. CRR-DSS helps companies develop strategies as to which CRRs to acquire and how much they should bid to mitigate the congestion impact.



Get the Edge on Market Intelligence through CAISO OASIS Data

CAISO’s Open Access Same-Time Information System (OASIS) offers a wealth of market data on system load requirements, market information, transmission availability, and system conditions, but can be cumbersome and challenging to navigate. Power Market Consulting, Inc. has developed a new online tool – OASISLive – that enables market participants to access OASIS with improved performance and usability.



Unlocking the Complexity of MRTU Settlements

Accurate settlement information is the key to maximizing the value of energy portfolios and managing transaction risks. Power Market Consulting has developed Rozetta, an analytical tool designed to estimate and validate CAISO charge codes for electric power transactions. Based on exact formulas specified in CAISO’s Settlements Business Practice Manual (BPM), Rozetta is a robust, yet affordable settlement validation tool.

Developed using multidimensional modeling technology Quantrix Modeler, Rozetta is a superior alternative to costly ETRM systems or limited and error-prone spreadsheet solutions. It is a robust solution that enables users to view and calculate settlements quickly and easily.