Henry Shin, President

Henry Shin offers multifaceted insight to participants in California’s deregulated power industry. With expertise in economics, systems analysis, environmental engineering, and business analysis, Henry has led projects for many of the energy market’s largest players.

Managing a team of consultants and software developers, Henry has provided end-to-end settlements and regulatory support for the reorganized CalPX, developed and implemented a settlements application for CalPX to process multi-billions of dollars of transactions, and provided a host of services – including regulatory, scheduling, settlement, and invoicing support – for Reliability Must-Run (RMR) generation asset owners. While working on projects for CalPX, CAISO, and scheduling coordinators, Henry has gained a unique combination of hands-on business process and systems expertise in all aspects of energy transactions in the California market. He also has worked with various power marketers, market operators, load serving entities, and municipalities.

In addition, he has provided litigation support services for several FERC cases and power contracts. Henry has experience with a variety of third-party energy transaction management systems and led the development of in-house software tools, including ones based on Quantrix’s multidimensional modeling software. Power Market Consulting, Inc. is an authorized Quantrix partner, and Henry is a leading expert on using the software to develop applications designed specifically for the energy industry.

Prior to working in the energy industry, Henry was involved in quantitative economics research for public policy analysis related to environmental resource management. He holds advanced degrees in engineering and economics from Vanderbilt University and The Johns Hopkins University and has worked for premier engineering consulting firms.

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